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My book, Stephanie Choo's Guide to Gardening in Small Spaces (MPH Masterclass Series) is published.

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What's in it :
  • Covers the necessary gardening tools to have, basic needs for plants to grow healthily and how to grow plants properly - from soil, planting medias to fertilisers, water and light requirements. 
  • Provides the botanical names and information of some of the most popular and unique garden plants - from gorgeous to fascinating plants with intriguing beauty - and their common names.
  • Introduces 25 great plants for compact homes and suitable to be maintained in our tropical gardens. Included are easy-to-grow ones for beginners.
  • Discovers how plant form, colour and texture play a key role in creating that dream oasis.
  • Presents the prerequisites of how to plan a garden and to grow plants indoor.
  • Explores 12 wonderful gardening projects, including creating a terrarium. All  are explained in simple, easy to follow instructions to carry out to add more excitement to the hobby.
  • Delights you with many colourful photographs of beautiful ornamental plants and culinary herbs as well as examples of small compound and balcony gardens.
  • Introduces gardening products of good qualities from Natures' Way Farm (vermicompost), Serbajadi Gardening (organic fertilisers) and PASÜ outlets (indoor plants).

New Straits Times

Living cover | Grow vines like Thunbergia grandiflora, Thunbergia laurifolia, Bignonia magnifica and Bougainvillea sp. in your garden for shade. | NST2018/10/13

Wholesome figs | Greenhouse grown Ficus carica or buah tin in Malay offer greater promise of yield. The tree is a fast grader and very rewarding. | NST2018/09/29

Help plants survive in full sunshine | The plants in your garden may not enjoy being bathed by the sun's hot rays. Water is crucial for plants to carry on growing and surviving. | NST2018/09/01

Petals of beauty | Things to consider when adding some spirited burst of colours to liven up your garden space. | NST2018/08/18

Tough grass-like cousins | Plants of Ophiopogon and Liriope are ideal grassy ground covers. | NST2018/08/04

Air plants | Epiphytic bromeliads (Tillandsia spp., Neoregelia carolinae  and Aechmea fasciata) orchids (Dendrobium spp. and Oncidium spp.) are plants that rely on their leaves rather than their roots to take in both water and nutrients. | NST2018/07/21

Smile, it's an onion | A sprouting onion (Allium cepa) presented as a get-well-soon gift. | NST2018/07/07

Plants to the rescue | Tillandsia (Tillandsia ionantha), peacock plant (Calathea makoyana) and moth orchid (Phalaenopsis sp.) are some greeneries that can help combat humidity issues in households. | NST2018/06/23

Easy-to-grow ulam herbs | If you enjoy the Malay salad or ulam, why not consider growing some like pegaga (Centella asiatica) and holy basil (Oncimum tenuiflorum) yourself? | NST2018/06/02

Classic beauties | Enjoyed and planted in Victorian gardens, garden balsam (Impatiens balsamina) and rose (Rosa sp.) remain firm favourites with gardeners today. | NST2018/05/19

Colourful old maids | The blooms of old maids (Catharanthus roseus vars. and cvs., and Zinnia spp.) always make the garden look refreshingly beautiful. | NST2018/05/05

Bloom with blue | Blue plumbago (Plumbago auriculata), Amazon blue (Otacanthus azureus) and hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) not only add beauty to the garden but are also extremely valuable to wildlife. | NST2018/04/21

Miniature charms | Smallish plants like Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' and Pilea depressa are good candidates for creating small-scale landscapes. | NST2018/04/07

Leaves of beauty | Although the silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) is modest in size, its sprays of the graceful green-mottled foliage make the plant very distinctive. | NST2018/03/24

Growing greens from cuttings | If you are finding it difficult to germinate seeds, skip this stage and plant from stem cuttings. Many greens including herbs - wolfberry or goji berry (Lycium chinense) and mint (Mentha sp.) - can be rooted in water first before being transplanted into soil. | NST2018/03/10

Show of colours | Busy Lizzies (Impatiens walleriana and its many hybrids) are valued for the vibrancy of their hues. | NST2018/02/24

Colour my home | Bright and richly coloured cockscomb (Celosia argentea var. cristata), feathered amaranth (C. argentea var. plumosa) and wheatstraw celosia (C. argentea var. spicata) blooms are very popular, especially during festive seasons. | NST2018/02/10

Blooming beauty | Volcanic sorrel (Oxalis spiralis ssp. vulcanicola) loves the cool sun. | NST2018/01/27

Nest of rosettes | Cute like buttons, smaller bird's nest ferns (Asplenium nidus cv., Asplenium antiquum 'Leslie' and 'Crissie'. are perfect for enhancing small spaces. | NST2018/01/13

Year-round colours | Add colours into your home this new year. | Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima), Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema spp.) and leaf caladium (Caladium bicolor) are great choices. | NST2017/12/30

Beware the pretty and shiny baubles | Madeira cherry or Jerusalem cherry (Solanum 
pseudocapsicum var.) bears fruits that look good enough to eat but they are inedible. | NST2017/12/16

Let's grow ginger | Grow ginger (Zingiber officinale) yourself. It is easy to do so. | NST2017/12/2

Cafe greenery | Plants are perfect for adding greenery to a cafe interior. | NST2017/11/18

Plants which ward off mosquitoes | Culinary herbs like rosemary, sage, basil, dill, thyme, chives, lemon balm, oregano, tarragon, marjoram, chervil, parsley, cilantro and mint serve fantastic repellents. | NST2017/11/04

The sun-loving Laluna | Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Laluna' is a special breed of hibiscus that is double flowering and long lasting. | NST2017/10/21

Bright, pretty floaters | Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) are popular choices for pond decor but contain them in a pot in order to avoid any unplanned consequences. | NST2017/10/7

Bright and merry | Zinnia (Zinnia augustifolia 'Crystal' and Zinnia hybrids), China aster (Callistephus chinense) and gloriosa daisy (Rudbeckia hirta 'Toto') are prolific bloomers and outstanding annuals to feature in the landscape. | NST2017/09/23

Shape that Fukien tea tree | Carmona retusa can be trimmed and shaped to create interesting features - hedges, bonsais and topiaries or green sculptures - in your garden. | NST2017/09/09

Plants safe for pets | Ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata & Adiantum sp.), spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum), peperomia (Peperomia argyreia & Peperomia obtusifolia), prayer plant (Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura), areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) and phalaenopsis orchid (Phalaenopsis sp.) are plants that not only look great in your home but are also very safe for pets. | NST2017/08/26

Cherries in my garden | Barbados cherry shrub (Malpighia punicifolia) and weeping malpigia (M. pendiculata) are fun plants to grow. The fruit of M. punicifolia is considered one of the best sources of vitamin C. | NST201708/12

Leafy beauties | Philodendron hybrids like the bird's nest philodendrons or mounding philodendrons add a burst of colour to any space. | NST2017/07/29

Garden of golden globe | Lysimachia procumbens 'Aurea' commonly known as variegated golden globe of the primrose family, Primulaceae. The plant thrives in constantly moist soil. | NST2017/07/15

Drama for the garden | Add a dash of colour to brighten up a drab garden with silver inch plant (Tradescantia zebrina) and purple heart (Tradescantia pallida). | NST2017/07/01

The little farmer | Kids' garden project - growing sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) teaches children life skills. | NST2017/06/17

Keep the office green | How to grow plants indoor and in the office. | NST2017/06/03

Leafy cousins | The nutritious Chinese kale and ornamental kale share an ancient ancestor, Brassica oleracea or the wild cabbage. | NST2017/05/20

The versatile spider plant | Keep your indoor air free of toxic agents. Chlorophytum comosum cvs. are easy to grow and blends well into the garden plot. | NST2017/05/06

Gift yourself a blooming plot | Learn a trick or two from former lab assistant Stephen Vythilingam on how to be a nifty gardener. | NST2017/04/22

Repellent in a pot | The familiar mosquito plant (Pelargonium Citrosa) and other pelargoniums are well-known for their delightful fragrances. | NST2017/04/08

Snap, it's a Venus flytrap | How to grow the plant, Dionaea muscipula. | NST2017/03/25

Garden mulch from leaf litter | Make use of the leaves and twigs that litter your garden. | NST2017/03/11

Plots of tasty okra | How to grow healthy and flavourful okras (Abelmoschus esculentus). | NST2017/02/25

Aye for ivy | How to grow cultivars of English ivy (Hedera helix) indoors and outdoors. | NST2017/02/11

Winter darlings, spring peepers | Home gardens and public landscapes in Washington D.C. come to live with colourful flowers. | NST2017/01/28

Bulb season | Plant onion (Allium cepa), garlic (Allium sativum), arrrowhead (Sagittaria sp.) and ginger (Zingiber officinale) in the garden this season. | NST2017/01/16

Love grows where rosemary grows | Rosmanirus officinallis is a mosquito repellent. | NST2016/12/31

Small plant for tight spaces | Alternanthera ficoidea cultivar named Christmas Tree is a tiny beauty. | NST2016/12/17

Wonders of ethylene | The gaseous plant hormone called ethylene has many effects on plant growth and development, which can either beneficial or harmful. | NST2016/12/03

Star-shaped beauties | Low growing sedums (Sedum spp. & cvs.) can boost a garden's textural appeal. | NST2016/11/19

Floating florals | Fresh idea to spruce up the garden. | How to make one. | NST2016/11/05

Beauty in garden borders | Ways to create better borders for your garden. | NST2016/10/15

Poisonous beauty | Nerium oleander (commonly known as rose bay, East Indian oleander, sweet-scented oleander and oleander rose laurel) is deadly only if ingested. | NST2016/10/01

Pretty accents under canopies | Under-plantings add colour, form and structure to the landscape. | NST2016/09/17

Coaxing Peruvian Lily to flower | When Eucrosia bicolor wakes up from dormancy, it will begin to produce flowers. | NST2016/09/03

Serenity in shady spaces | There are plants which can survive in the shade. | NST2016/08/20

Chinese cabbage charm | Brassica rapa var. parachinensis is not only easy to grow but also easy to cook. | NST2016/08/06

Fun to grow, good to eat | Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus (Chinese radish) is easy-to-grow. | NST2016/07/23

Build a bug hotel | Insect hotel keeps bugs and butterflies warm in the winter. It serves as a decorative piece in the garden. | NST2016/07/09

Colourful starry blooms | Zephyranthes candida, Z. citrina, Z. rosea and Z. grandilora are commonly called rain lily, fairy lily, magic lily and atamasco lily.  They sprout flower buds after a downpour. | NST2016/06/25

Powerhouse of nutrients | Grow chia (Salvia hispanics) microgreens. | NST2016/06/04

Heat in the garden | Spice up your garden by growing your own chillies. | 5 Chilli species: Capsicum annuum, C. chinense,  C. pubescens, C. baccatum and C. frutescens. | NST2016/05/21

Feathery beauty for trailing | Cyress vine (Ipomoea quamoclit) like the sun and will thrive in any type of soil. | NST2016/05/07

Fresh herbs from the garden | Annual herb - Basil (Oncimum basilicum), Biennial herb - Parsley (Petroselinum crisp var. crispum and var. neapolitanum) and Perennial herb - Mint (Menthe sp.) | 2016 /04/23

Slender fillers | Japanese sedge grass, Oshima sedge or Oshima kan suge are the common names of the species, Carex oshimensis |  How to grow Carex oshimensis 'Evergold' |NST2016/04/09

Zebras in the yard | Plants share the same common name. The only way to determine is by their botanical names. | How to grow zebra plants: Aphelandra squarrosa and Calathea zebrina. | NST2016/03/26

Pretty peperomias | How to grow Peperomia caperata and its cultivars (emerald ripple peperomia), P. argyreia (watermelon peperomia) P. obtusifolia (baby rubber plant) and P. scandens (false philodendron). | NST2016/03/12

Tough and versatile beauties | Ferns, Nephrolepis spp. are widely cultivated as ornamental plants. | How to grow delicate and lacy Pteris ensiformis 'Victoriae' | Nephrolepis exaltata, N. biserrata, N. cordifolia 'Duffii' and N. falcata are long and lacy | NST2016/02/20

Expressive blooms | African violets (Saintpaulia cultivars), miniature roses (Rosa spp./Roses Forever) and bromeliads (Vriesea 'Stream') | NST2016/02/13

Colour me gorgeous | Hydrangea macrophylla cultivars | How to alter soil pH to change the colour of this plant. | NST2016/01/30

Harmonious in bloom | Lilium Oriental hybrids are appropriate for paying homage to Chinese traditions. | Grow them in partial shade in the garden or indoor. | How to care for cut lilies. | 2016/01/16

More cups, more luck | How to grow Nepenthes spp. (commonly called monkey cup or tropical pitcher plants). | NST2016/1/2

Bursts of colour | Latest hybrids from the Netherlands - Cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum cultivar), Elatior Begonia (Begonia x hiemalis), Anthurium (Anthurium andreanum hybrid), Asiatic Lily (Lilium asiatic hybrids). | They make great houseplants. | NST2015/12/05

Delicate dancers | Globba sherwoodiana commonly known as Padein Gno in Myanmarese meaning weeping goldsmith.  | How to grow Globba sp. like Globba winitti or popularly called dancing girl ginger, dancing ladies or dancing ballerinas. | NST2015/11/21

Bountiful bananas | How to grow the triploid hybrid, Musa x paradisiaca. | NST2015/11/07

Elegance in dried hydrangeas | How to dry hydrangeas | NST2015/10/24

Make you own pot | Concrete pot | The fun in DIY pots and add rustic charm to your garden | NST2015/10/10

Pretty, fussy medinilla | How to grow Medinilla cumingii (dwarf), commonly known as chandelier tree, showy medinilla or showy melastome | NST2015/09/26

Nature's blissful plants | Maranta leuconeura var. kerchoviana (rabbit's foot or track) and Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura (fishbone or red-veined prayer plant) make great indoor plants and for foliage in shady areas of your garden. | NST2015/07/12

Blooms that captivate | Hibiscus syriacus (Rose of Sharon or shrub altea), Hibiscus moscheutos (crimson-eyed rose mallow, marshmallow or swamp rose-mallow) and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (bunga raya) | NST2015/08/22

Mona in the garden | Plectranchus 'Mona Lavender', commonly known as Mona Lavender, spur flower, Swedish Ivy or Plectranchus hybrid, adds unique texture and beauty to the garden |

Hot picks for the season | Decorate your garden with one the most 'fiery' plants around - Ornamental peppers or chilli peppers - cultivars of Capsicum annuum | NST2015/07/25

Grass for life | Axonopus compressus (cow grass or rumput parit), A. compressus (dwarf) (pearl grass), Zoysia matrella (Manilla grass), Zoysia japonica (Phillipines grass, Japanese grass or Korean grass), Zoysia tenuifolia (no-mow grass, mascarene or Korean velvet grass), Cynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass) are warm climate grasses | How to plant a lawn | NST2015/07/04

Fuss-free beauties | Mosses can create a lush landscape | How to make a petite moss garden in a bowl | NST2015/06/20

Just use water | You don't need a green thumb to grow your favourite greens and flowers, says hydroponics enthusiasts Jimmy Tan | NST2015/06/06

Sprightly green beauty | Asian spikes (Selaginella plana) grows upright and thrives in partial shade |  Low-growing and mat-forming spreading clubmoss (Selaginella kraussiana) flourishes in the shade | NST2015/05/23

Garden guide | Nisa Budiman, a horticulturist turned tour guide | NST2015/05/09

Pile on the Pileas | How to grow Pilea cadierei (aluminium plant or watermelon plant), Pilea microphylia (artillery plant or pistol plant) and Pilea involucrata (friendship plant, moon valley pilea, panamiga) | NST2015/04/25

These spillers are thrillers | Trailing plants offer limitless possibilities | Often used as hanging and spiller plants| NST2015/04/11

Pretty fringe for your garden | Loropetalum chinense, commonly known as Chinese Fringe Flower, belongs to the witch hazel family, Hamamelidaceae | How to grow the plant | NST2015/03/28

Cool arrows | Syngonium podophyllum is wonderful plant for beginners | Nicknamed arrowhead vines, African evergreen and nephthytis | Best grown in partial sun locations | NST2015/03/14

Lucky pine | Podocarpus macrophyllus is a tree that attracts health and wealth | A feng shui tree | Common names: Japanese yew, fern pine, Buddhist pine, kusamaki, inumaki, luo han song (arhat pine) | NST2015/02/28

Rose, rose, I love you | A short story on Rosa Eskelund, the rose breeder and her roses, Roses Forever mini roses (Rosa hybrids) | Outdoor and indoor plant care | NST2015/02/14

Art of the plant | Zainal Mustafa, senior designer cum botanical illustrator at Rimba Ilmu, University Malaya shares about how to draw plants | NST2015/01/31

Cool new year poppers | Dracaena braunii (lucky bamboo), Camellia sp. (camellia) and Citrus medica (Buddha's hand citron or fingered citron) can be used to wish someone "A very happy and prosperous New Year!" | NST2015/01/17

Flood your garden with colour | Catharanthus roseus "Mediterranean" is a popular series of trailing vincas | Trailing vinca performs best in full sun places | NST2015/01/03

Pretty to grow, pretty as gifts | Cyclamen persicum or Persian's cyclamen has pretty flowers that resemble fluttering butterflies | Growing and caring for florist's cyclamen | NST2014/12/13

Blooming 'candles' | Euphorbia tithymaloides, commonly known as Christmas candle, redbird cactus, Jacob's ladder, zig-zag plant, Japanese poinsettia, devil's backbone, lelipan, penawar lipan and slipper spurge, is a good shrub to grow as a low hedge | NST2014/11/29

Garden shrimps | Some species of the genus Justicia look like shrimps. | How to grow Justicia fulvicoma (Mexican shrimp plant, Orange srimp plant or orange plume), Justica brandegeeana (false hop, fountain plant or Brazilian shower plant) and Justicia betonica (white shrimp plant, squirrel's tail, ekor murai, white candle or paper plume) | NST2014/11/15

Striking blanket | Purple hookweed, a variety of Cyathula prostrata makes great ground cover and transform areas into a leafy textured tapestry. | It is a great plant for small gardens. | How to grow Cyathula prostrata. | NST2014/11/01

Forest of knowledge | One forgets that one is actually in the city once inside Universiti Malaya's Rimba Ilmu Botanic Garden | NST2014/10/18

Berries for birds | Rivina humilis or Pigeon Berry is great for inviting flocks of birds to the garden as birds find the red berries irresistible. | How to grow Rivina humilis. | NST2014/10/4

Waterfall, fountain or firecrackers? | The bright tubular blooms of Russelia equisetiformis is a spectacular sight. | How to grow R. equisetiformis. | NST2014/09/20

Bring nature indoors | When plants are grown indoors, they are actually thriving in less than ideal conditions | How to care for houseplants | NST2014/09/06

 Bring in the outdoors | Terrarium is a cool gardening solution for small spaces and busy people | How to create an open terrarium | NST2014/08/23  

Garden's hidden gingers | Curcuma species are extraordinary gingers. | Curcuma alismatifolia, commonly known as Siam tulip, only has aesthetics value. | Curcuma longa is the kitchen spice, turmeric. | NST2014/08/09

Sweet potato's many benefits | Ipomoea batatas is one of the oldest vegetable in cultivation | To have your own supply, just propagate from extra tubers or shoot scraps. They sprout easily. | NST2014/07/26

Rare furry beauty | Siderasis fuscata is a native of east Brazil. Commonly called brown spiderwort or bear ears is a plant to behold and touch. | How to grow Siderasis fuscata | NST2014/07/12

Whiff of mighty gold cup | Solandra maxima is commonly known as Golden Chalice Vine, Cup of Gold Vine, Chalice Vine and Hawaiian Lily. My fist whiff of the flower in bloom reminded me of bananas and coconuts! | How to grow Solandra maxima | NST 2014/06/28

Showers of Cape Jasmine | The beautiful and fragrant blooms of the Common Gardenia are perfect for any landscape | How to grow Gardenia jasminoides (synonym: Gardenia augusta) | NST 2014/06/14

Hot tips from gardeners | Selangor and Federal Territory Gardening Society's latest book has lots of practical information for growing annuals,  ground covers and herbs | NST 2014/05/31

Popeye will be so proud of you | Chinese spinach (Amaranthus tricolour) is easy to grow, heat tolerant and certain varieties self-seed readily | NST 2014/05/17

Coming up roses | Roses can flourish in the tropics | How to grow Rosa spp., cultivars and hybrids | NST 2014/05/03

 Making simple compost | Involves only dried leaves, used coffee grounds, garden soil and water | NST 2014/04/19  

 Green cleaning agent | How to make the garbage enzyme concoction and help save Mother Earth | NST 2014/04/05 

Pixie yellow delight | Plant fact, uses and care for Lemon Ginger (Monocostus uniflorus) | NST 2014/03/22

Graceful garden's bride | Plant fact, uses and care for Low Baby's Breath (Gypsophila muralis cultivars) | NST 2014/03/08

Ideal for decor | Easily propagated and low maintenance, Kalanchoes make wonderful ornamental plants | NST 2014/02/22

Invite a fairy into your garden | Bring a bit of magic into your garden by building a fairy garden | NST 2014/02/08

 Tree of good luck | Happiness trees (Garcinia subelliptica), grown based on feng shui concepts, are considered auspicious | NST 2014/01/25  

At the heart of a good cuppa | Liberian coffee (Coffea liberica) farm at Kulaijaya, Johor | NST 2014/01/11

 It's a small world | Build a terrarium in five steps | NST 2013/12/28  

Jolly good berries | How to grow coral ardisia (Ardisia crenate) that makes great festive decor  | NST 2013/12/14

Sowed with love | A beautiful English country garden in Bukit Ledang is the hard work of two passionate gardeners, Tan Sri Dr Chong Hon Nyan and Puan Sri Chong Eu Ngoh  | NST 2013/11/30

Colour scheme for your garden | Go for annuals to add character to your existing evergreens | NST 2013/11/09

Fuss-free flamboyance | Satin pothos (Scindapsus pictus) is a gorgeous yet easy-growing and evergreen climber  | NST 2013/10/19

Oasis of calm | Natural elements are used in Japanese gardens which often replicate Nature at its best | NST 2013/10/05

Grass for good health | How to grow wheat grass (Triticum aestivum) indoor | NST 2013/09/21

A plant of many hats | How to grow Chinese hat plant (Holmskioldia sanguinea)  | NST 2013/09/07

Delight for the senses | Grow Persian violet (Exacum affine) for its uncommon blue flowers | NST 2013/08/24

Myanmar's Eden | The National Kandawgyi Gardens and The City of Flowers | NST 2013/08/10

Rock solid and stylish | Make your own hypetufa pots from artificial stone | NST 2013/07/27

Feast for the eyes | The ornamental sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) vines offer variety and colour as creepers and covers  | NST 2013/07/13

Earthy and simple | Ground orchids (Spathoglottis plicata) are a fine adornment to any garden | NST 2013/06/30

Brighten those shady corners | Limestone kaempferia or resurrection lily (Kaempferia pulchra) is an impressive ground cover | NST 2013/06/15

Waste not | Kitchen scraps like used coffee grounds, used tea leaves, banana peels and vegetables and fruits scraps make great fertilisers | NST 2013/06/01

Flowers of the spirit | How to grow two aquatic perennials, lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and water lily (Nymphaea sp.) that have symbolic ties to Buddhism | NST 2013/05/18

Food for the monarch | Tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) makes the yard colourful and at the same time attracts and nurtures butterflies  | NST 2013/05/04

Grow and shape | Sculpting plants into defined shapes | NST 2013/04/20

Irresistible Iresine | Chicken gizzard, bloodleaf or beefsteak (Iresine herbstii) has bold hues and grows well in the lowlands and highlands  | NST 2013/04/06Iresine herbstii 

Cheerful daisy | How to grow colourful goblin daisy or blanket flower (Gaillardia cultivar and hybrids), gerber a daisy (G. Jamesonii cultivar), gloriosa daisy (Rudbeckia hybrid), gazania (hybrid), garden cosmos (C. bipinnatus cultivar), euryops (Euryops sp.) and cut-leaved daisy (Brachyscome multifida) | NST 2013/03/23

Garden of stars | The daiy-like blooms of aster, smooth aster (Symphyotrichum laeve) and rice button aster (S. dumosum) resemble stars twinkling in the sky | NST 2013/03/09

Short rosy encounter | How to grow the ever-blooming and bloom in plentiful wild petunias (Ruellia rosea) | NST 2013/02/23

Cherish mums for joy | Chrysanthemums are more than just flowers | NST 2013/02/09

Jack's beanstalk | The lucky bean plant (Castanospermum australe) has ornamental value and makes a good conversational topic | NST 2013/01/26

Arresting nerves | Fittonia albivenis cultivars creep on the ground and grow to show that beauty isn't about height or size  | NST 2013/01/12

Grow a thousand stars | Japanese serissa or snowrose (Serissa foetida) plant care | NST 2012/12/29

Living clock in the garden | Plants can also tell the time | NST 2012/12/15

Festive season in bloom | Tradition Christmas plants like poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima cv), Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla) and lemon cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest'). Merry-making plants like orchids (Phalaenopsis sp.), amaryllis (Hippeastrum sp.), gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa), bromeliads, kalanchoes and herbs like rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), sage (Salvia officinalis) and basil (Ocimum basilicum) | NST 2012/12/01

The one-of-a-kind hibiscus | How to grow false roselle, African rosemallow, cranberry shield, red hibiscus or maple sugar (Hibiscus acetosella) | NST 2012/11/17

Show stopper | Acalypha wilkesiana is an old favourite used to beautify parks | NST 2012/11/03

Beauty of the night | Marvel of Peru or False Jalap (Mirabilis jalapa) is great for scenting a night garden | NST 2012/10/20

Stunning beds of beauty | Canna lily or bunga tasbih (Canna indica or C. x generalis)  is an excellent plant for borders and beds | NST 2012/10/06

Dazzle and amaze | Grow the wondrous leaves of waffle plant or red-flame ivy (Hemigraphis alternata) | NST 2012/09/22

Leave it to the alocasia | Alocasia or elephant's ear plants come in different sizes and heights  | NST 2012/09/08

Lure of a green balcony | How to turn your balcony into a green haven | NST 2012/08/25

Joy and colour | Alternanthera dentata 'Brazilian Red Hots' and A. dentata 'Purple Knights' are highly valued for their attractive foliage | NST 2012/08/11

Colour the landscape | Adding colour and texture to the landscape is easy with Cuphea hyssopifolia | NST 2012/07/28

Foliage fountain | Amaranthus tricolour offers a burst of colours in a single plant | NST 2012/07/14

Cheerful colours in the shade | Grow Anthuriums or flamingo flowers. For showy blooms, grow Anthurium andraeanum, A. scherzerianum and anthruium cultivars. For exotic tropical foliage grow A. clarinervium | NST 2012/06/30

Embrace a Hoya | How to grow wax plants, porcelain flowers or hoyas like Hoya carnosa, Hoya multiflora, Hoya kerrii and Hoya pubicalyx | NST 2012/06/16

Glowing stars | The attractive Pentas lanceolata is a tender perennial that originates from tropical East Africa and southern Arabia | NST 2012/06/02

Black beauty | The black bat flower plant (Tacca chantrieri) has an unusual appearance | NST 2012/05/19

Rosy encounter | Garden balsam (Impatiens balsamina) produces charming blooms that resemble small roses | NST 2012/05/05

Striking green bounty | Inter-planting and diversity planting yield more crops, at the same time, offer striking colours and aromatic scents | NST 2012/04/21

Bring in the brinjal | Solanum melongena is easy to grow | NST 2012/04/07

Striking invasion | Mexian petunia or Mexican blue bell (Ruellia simplex) is invasive by nature | NST 2012/03/24

Leafy good fortune | Shamrocks or Oxalis regnelli varieties bear unusually shaped and richly coloured leaves | NST 2012/03/10

Bursts of firecracker |  Easy maintenance Crossandra infundibuliformis has bright blooms that flowers throughout the year | NST 2012/02/25

Desert in a pot | How to create an appealing arrangement with cacti and succulents | NST 2012/02/11

Alluring azalea | Azalea hybrids (Rhododendron indicum, R. simsii or their cultivars) are beautiful flowering plants | NST 2012/01/28

Forever fronds | Easy to care ferns - bird's nest fern (Asplenium nidus), tree fern (Cyathea latebrosa), fish-tail fern (Microsorum punctatum 'Grandiceps'), staghorn fern (Platycerium coronarium), black-stick maidenhair (Adiantum tenerum), Victoria fern (Pteris ensiformis 'Victoriae') and sword fern (Nephrolepis exaltata cv.) | NST 2012/01/14

Coming up roses | For beauty and colour in the garden, look no further than rose-like begonia (Begonia x tuberhybrida) | NST 2011/12/31

Tiny splendours | Christmas kalanchoe (K. blossfeldiana) makes an excellent gift for the festive season | NST 2011/12/17

Colour the season | Decorate the home with plants of red and green. Indoor plant care for Poinsettia, Hippeastrum, culinary herbs and Norfolk pine | NST 2011/12/03

No shrinking violet | African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) is small but is a hugely popular houseplant | NST 2011/11/19

Death trap in a pot | How to grow North American pitcher, trumpet plant or Sarracenia plant (S. alabamensis, S. alata, S. flava, S. jonesii, S. leucophylla, S. minor, S. oreophila, S. psittacina, S purpurea, S. rosea and S. rubra) | NST 2011/11/05

Leafy lovelies | Growing greenery is never boring with Caladium bicolour (Caladium x hortulanum) | NST 2011/10/22

Love it, hate it! | Colourful Lantana camara is striking to the eye and insects | NST 2011/10/08

Feed your plants eggshells | Calcium-rich garden is important for the health and growth of your plants | NST 2011/09/24

Vessel of colours | Bunga berkembang tiga bulan (Hydrangea macrophylla) change colour over three months | NST 2011/09/10

Natural screens | Some popular Thunbergia species include king's mantle (Thunbergia erecta), black-eyed Susan vine (T. alata), angel wings (T. fragrans), skyflower vine (T. grandiflora) and laurel clock vine (T. laurifolia) | NST 2011/08/27

Into the blue | Plumbago auriculata is a versatile shrub | NST 2011/08/13

Colours in a pot | Pot up a small garden in a container | NST 2011/07/30

Impatiens puts others in the shade | New guinea-type hybrids are more tolerant to the sun and heat than Impatiens walleriana and I. hawkeri | NST 2011/07/16

Rapunzel in your garden | Spider tresses, corkscrew flower, medusa flower or tassel vine (Strophanthus preussii) produces star-shaped flowers that have peculiar growth habits | NST 2011/07/02

Crown of colours | Begonia rex-cultorum hybrids have highly decorative foliage and won't take up much space in the garden | NST 2011/06/18

Aromatic herbs | Replant small potted herbs you bought from supermarket. Grow rosemary, sage, basil, dill, thyme, chives, oregano or tarragon in full sun locations. Grow mint, cilantro, chervil, parsley and marjoram at places where they will receive partial sunlight. | NST 2011/06/04

Trumpets of beauty | The trumpet plant or chalice vine (Solandra langiflora) is easy to grow and the amazingly huge flowers are a sight to behold. | NST 2011/05/21

Pretty petite pink | Dianthius chinensis and Dianthus chinensis x barbatus are a cottage-garden favourites | NST 2011/05/06

Fun enhancements | Tips to create a charming and whimsical garden | NST 2011/04/23

Bloom and grow forever | Wax begonia or fibrous begonia (Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum) is a tender perennial that originates from Brazil | NST 2011/04/09

Tricking the amaryllis to bloom | Although the amaryllis (Hippeastrum spp.) will flower on its own after dormancy, you can force the process | NST 2011/03/26

Treasures in the sun | How to grow Gazania rigens and G. splendens cultivars | NST 2011/03/12

Butterflies in flight | Butterfly plant, iron butterfly, butterfly leaf or swallowtail plants (Christia obcordata 'Stripe') and red butterfly wing or mariposa (Christia vespertilionis) has an extraordinary form | NST 2011/02/26

Love blossoms with sweetheart hoya | How to cultivate Valentine hoya (Hoya kerrii) | NST 2011/02/12

Green textures | Choose leafy or flowering plants to create a contrast in the garden | NST 2011/01/29

Rabbit, dragon or bear? | Snapdragon or Antirrhinum (Antirrhinum majus) blooms resembles many animals  | NST 2011/01/15

Goldfish in a pot | The attractive blooms of Nematanthus sp. look just like the goldfish | NST 2011/01/01

Bright bulbs of the season | Tips for planting poinsettia, hippeastrum or amaryllis, red berry plant, begonia rose, Christmas cactus, gloxinia, African violet and cyclamen as a houseplant | NST 2010/12/18

Star attraction | Scarlet star (Guzmania lingulata) gives the garden a contemporary look | NST 2010/12/04

How to grow plants in pots | An ideal solution if you lack space | NST 2010/11/20

What butterflies love | The common Ixoras are Ixora coccinea, I. javanica and I. chinensis | NST 2010/10/16

You can't go wrong with flame violet | How to grow flame violet, carpet plant or episcia (Episcia curpreata) | NST 2010/10/09

Evergreen foliage | The timeless favourites of green and variegated leaved aglaonema are Aglaonema modestum, A. nitidum and A. simplex | NST 2010/09/18

Sun-loving, striking blooms | Create your dream 'flower-power' garden with gerbera daisies (Gerbera jamesonii cvs), annual torenia or wishbone flower (Torenia fournieri) and eleven o'clock or moss rose (Portulaca grandiflora)  | NST 2010/09/04

Striking foliage | Variegated foliage brings about a striking visual interest to the otherwise green palette of any garden. The baby rubber plant (Peperomia obtusifolia variegata), dwarf polyscias (Polyscias 'Dwarf Variegated'), mother-in-law (Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii') and spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum') are good choices | NST 2010/08/21

Sowing seeds of nature's bounty | Planting from seeds connects children with the ways Mother Nature and can even be a family project | NST 2010/08/07

Crown jewel of tropical foliage | The popular calatheas are Calathea roseopicta, C. ornata, C. makoyana, C. rufibarba, C. vaginata, C. picturata, C. orbiculata, C. mirabilis, C. lancifolia and C. veitchiana. | NST 2010/07/24

Shape your plants | Pyramid, sphere and pom-pom are some interesting shapes you can clip your plants into and it is not that difficult to do | NST 2010/07/10

Thorny plant with attractive flowers | Euphorbia milii is an all-weather and ever-blooming plant.  | NST 2010/06/26

Planting colours of the rainbow | How colourful plants like coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) and garden croton (Codiaeum variegatum cvs) can turn your garden into a thing of beauty | NST 2010/06/12

A bird in your plant | Little bird plant (Euphorbia bracteatus) and Devil's backbone or shoe flower (Euphorbia tithymaloides) have flower bracts that resemble little birds or shoes | NST 2010/05/29

Garden gems | Growing beautiful Vanda, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Spathoglottis orchids is not as difficult as it may seem | NST 2010/05/15

A carnivorous appetite | Pitcher plants like Nepenthes rafflesianan, Nepenthes ampullaria and Nepenthes x vent rata live on insects | NST 2010/05/01

Gloxinia glory | How to grow Sinningia speciosa | NST 2010/04/17

Starry, starry bloom | Earth star (Cryptanthus sp.) grows easy under bright places | NST 2010/04/03

Green your space | Plants make great decorative pieces at home and the office | NST 2010/03/20

Flowers of prosperity | Desert rose (Adenium obesum) has spectacular funnel-shaped flowers and thrives outdoors with minimal care | NST 2010/03/06


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