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I am Stephanie. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

I live in Malaysia, a land blessed with plenty of sunshine and rain, a tropical climate. Year in and year out, the days are very warm with temperature averaging around 32ºC (90ºF) and humid while the nights are fairly cool. Fascinating plants of all kinds flourish in beautiful green spaces of discerning gardeners.

I love gardening, hence has taken up blogging about my green stories. I write about the plants and gardening ideas that I discover along the way. And while I shop for plants and gardening supplies, I review garden plant nurseries and retailers, home centres, pasar tani (farmer’s market) and magazines.

I accept writing invitations to contribute articles and website content. I have been writing for the New Straits Times since 2010 and Homedec magazine since 2011.  

I support write-ups by others who have good gardening solutions. That way I and my fellow gardeners get to learn new things while I also get a breather from writing to work on my garden and shop :)

I source for gardening literatures and products like books, magazines and products that are helpful for gardeners to grow their passion and talent. 

Many a little makes a mickle is a saying I am inclined to follow as I garden a little, blog a little, write a little... which I hope will translate into a huge heap of green ingots that everyone can perhaps dig into.

My first book 

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Buy at PASÜ outlets and will soon be available at MPH bookstores and other major bookstores across Malaysia and Singapore.

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Enjoy gardening!

PS: I blog at Steph's Green Space & My Green Finder, post on Facebook and tweet on Twitter


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