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My book, Stephanie Choo's Guide to Gardening in Small Spaces (MPH Masterclass Series) is published.

Buy at PASÜ outlets and MPH Bookstores and other major bookstores across Malaysia.

Or, get the book via MPH Online. 

What's in it :
  • Covers the necessary gardening tools to have, basic needs for plants to grow healthily and how to grow plants properly - from soil, planting medias to fertilisers, water and light requirements. 
  • Provides the botanical names and information of some of the most popular and unique garden plants - from gorgeous to fascinating plants with intriguing beauty - and their common names.
  • Introduces 25 great plants for compact homes and suitable to be maintained in our tropical gardens. Included are easy-to-grow ones for beginners.
  • Discovers how plant form, colour and texture play a key role in creating that dream oasis.
  • Presents the prerequisites of how to plan a garden and to grow plants indoor.
  • Explores 12 wonderful gardening projects, including creating a terrarium. All  are explained in simple, easy to follow instructions to carry out to add more excitement to the hobby.
  • Delights you with many colourful photographs of beautiful ornamental plants and culinary herbs as well as examples of small compound and balcony gardens.
  • Introduces gardening products of good qualities from Natures' Way Farm (vermicompost), Serbajadi Gardening (organic fertilisers) and PASÜ outlets (indoor plants).

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