Decorative calatheas | How to grow calathea plants | Homedec 2013 No.3 Vol.06

Grow beautiful orchids | Homedec 2013 No.2 Vol.06

Green sculptures | How to create topiaries or plant sculptures | Homedec 2013 No.1 Vol.06

Flowers of the holy night | How to care for Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) | Homedec 2012 No.4 Vol.05

Colourful flora for balcony | Start a balcony garden | Homedec 2012 No.3 Vol.05

Blooming colours of the season | Pick and grow annuals for their vibrant flowers | Homedec 2012 No.2 Vol.05

Growing good fortune | Grow your own bromeliads | Homedec 2012 No.1 Vol.05

Vegetable gardening | Grow hot climate vegetables | Homedec 2011 No.3 Vol.04

Herb garden | Grow your favourite herbs and spices | Homedec 2011 No.2 Vol.04

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